Life Happens So Love It

Hey. I am Stefanie Marie H.
Friends. guys. vegetarian. photographer.
concerts. Pretty much I
live my life for myself. I live for the moment. Carpe Diem!!! I go to ASU.
Also I am all about that peaceful hippie lifestyle.

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The American collegiate system in one gif set

(Source: sandandglass, via guy)


I was inspired to make this post because one of my followers tagged me in her creepy doll make up post.

These are super cool make-overs and the people behind them are magical. 

The Ring: Samara 

The Exorcist

Insidious: Demon

Insidious: Old Lady

Silent Hill Nurse

Coraline: Mother

Sally: Nightmare Before Chirstmas

Emily: Corpse Bride

Cheshire Cat

Horror Doll

(via sixpenceee)


In this video, Criss Angel a magician and illusionist literally sliced this woman in half. 

The most popular theory as to explain this seems to be that the ‘woman’ is actually two people – a handicapped woman with the lower part of her body missing (probably suffering from a disorder called sacral agenesis), and a contortionist who ‘provided’ the legs.

(via sixpenceee)

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